Inflight Connectivity

Inflight Connectivity

Connectivity on board is the important factor passengers keep in their mind before flying. The Word NoMoPhobia (No Mobile Phobia) is everywhere these days and without any doubt, it’s a real thing. Just take somebody’s phone away and you’ll see them squirm. Everybody wants to be connected to internet all the time to at least use Emails, whatsapp and social websites. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed global experience or simply a way to check email, our complete portfolio of connectivity, voice, and entertainment solutions help make time spent in the cabin as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Not only the cabin we can also provide Data link applications which are being implemented in flight operations utilizing FANS-1/A (which includes CPDLC and Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Contract (ADS-C). We can help you with Installation of hardware as well as the connectivity subscription for internet/voice and Datalink.

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