IRS Certification

(Subject: Indian Registration of Shipping has approved the certification to 29/10/2020 read more)

M.S. Notice of 1998

(Subject : Indian Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) General Operator’s Certificate (GOC) )

M.S. Notice 12 of 1998

(Subject : False Distress Alerts from EPIRBs )

M.S. Notice 18 of 1998

(Subject : False Distress Alerts from 406 MHz EPIRB.)

M.S. Notice 19 of 1998

(Subject : False distress alert by EPIRB on board Indian ship.)

M.S. Notice 21 of 1998

(Subject : 2182 Khz Alarm Generator Watch Receiver on board Indian Vessels)

M.S. Notice 23 of 1998

(Subject : Annual Servicing of EPIRBs/SARTs )

M.S. Notice 1 of 1999

(Subject : Problem with installation of Hydrostatic Release Units for liferafts)

M.S. Notice 7 of 1999

(Subject : False Distress Alerts from 406 Mhz EPIRB)

M.S. Notice 5 of 2000

(Subject : False Distress Alerts from EPIRBs )

M.S. Notice 9 of 2002

(Sub: Immediate compliance with inspires (Indian Ship Position & Information reporting System)

M.S. Notice 11 of 2002

(Sub: Compliance with INSPIRES (Indian Ship Position & Information Reporting)

M.S. Notice 12 of 2002

(Sub: Notice to ship owners/ ship operators/ surveying authorities/ surveyors regarding carriage of communication equipment on board sailing vessels of 100 GT & above.)

M.S. Notice 23 of 2002

(Sub: Navigational Safety of New Ports Developed by any Agency)

M.S. Notice 29 of 2002

(Sub: Fitment of life saving appliances, Navigational equipments, Radio communication equipments etc on board Indian Ships)

M.S. Notice 01 of 2004

(Sub: Plotting of Ship positions, using Global Positioning System in Indian Navigation Charts on Everest datum.)