Weir Boom

Weir Boom

The Weir Boom is designed for mass oil recovery and oil well ‘blow-outs’, and can recover floating oils at up to 210m3 /hr.The system consists of a 70m / 76m length of four tube boom, which is connected at one end to a further three hundred meters of two tube boom.

The four tube section includes an air tube, a water ballast tube, a buoyancy tube and a recovered oil discharge tube. The two tube section consists of just the air and the water ballast tubes.

The free end of the four tube boom is attached to a vessel and a second vessel tows the remaining 300 meters into a ‘J’ configuration. Oil is collected into the ‘J’ formation and recovered by the weir skimmers, which are built into the four tube section. The four tube section also houses the high capacity positive displacement vane pumps and discharge hoses to transport the recovered oil to the vessel.

Key features and benefits

  • The ultimate, high capacity (180m3/hr or 210m3/hr), integral, advancing recovery system.
  • A containerised design, offering ease of transport, deployment, recovery and storage.
  • The system can sweep to a width over 120 meters and up to a speed of 2 knots.
  • Constructed from strong, flexible neoprene, the boom can operate in all climates and has a very long service life, with high resistance toabrasion and an excellent resistance to chemicals and environmental damage.
  • The system consists of a containerised (20 foot) package of a power pack, a stand-by power pack, a discharge pump, an inflation fan and the hose assembly and a reel, which houses the complete 370m/ 376m of boom, complete with in-built skimmers, transfer pumps and hoses.