Isatphone SAT2DOK

Using the industry’s smallest and lightest SwiftBroadband approved antenna, the AVIATOR 200 is suitable for the widest range of aircraft possible, offering a host of modern communications capabilities where space and weight may be critical considerations.

SAT2DOK is an intelligent docking station specifically designed for maritime, transport and fixed site applications. The SAT2DOK supports voice services via RJ11/POTS, hands-free speakerphone or the active privacy handset inbuilt to the terminal.

Outdoor Antenna

Cooperate with dock, its directional angle is larger than general satellite antenna, it can receive satellite signals from various direction, which ensure the effective call quality no matter what the weather.


  • Antenna Waterproof grade IP67
  • waterproof and anti-wave
  • Active Antenna to send and receive stable signals
  • Isolated power supply ensures the charging safety
  • One-Touch Charging ON/OFF


Electrical characteristic
Power supply DC 12~36V
Power consumption of charging Current 600mA,Power 7.2W
Power consumption of charging & communication Current 700 mA,Power 8.4W
Power consumption of sleeping mode Current 25mA,Power 0.3W
Peak current Current 2mA,Power 24W
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 172X256X74 mm
Weight 1.45Kg
Working temperature -20oC ~ 70oC
Storage temperature -35oC ~ 85oC
Battery charging temperature 0oC ~ 45oC
Working humidity 40oC~95%
Storage humidity 40oC~95%
Power protection mode
Inner main power supply Input power is transmitted into inner main power before it changes the satellite phone. The charging status is monitored in real time, according to which power on/off is controlled, making sure the battery is charged in the optimal mode.
Power saving mode Once the battery is fully charged, the device will immediately transfer to sleeping mode
Short circuit protection Short circuit production provided
Polarity protection If the polarity was incorrectly connected, product would not start up.