Precision Salinometer

Main properties

The Precision Salinometer is robust against environmental conditions and can be used in the lab or at sea without compromising the precision of the measurement.Automated processing of the water sample means that a button is pushed and the instrument continues the complete analyses without further interaction. Rinsing, repeated sampling, and flushing are performed autonomously.

Main process-parameters like the number of rinsing cycles and repetitions of measurements are adjustable.

The temperature-controlled pre-bath is used to adjust the temperature of the water sample. Thus, the pre-bath prevents the transfer of heat into the main bath. It is not necessary to wait for a pre-adjustment of the temperature of the water samples. This guarantees rapid sample evaluation of water samples.

The accuracy of the measurement is fully documented and thereby proofed, not guessed. This means that the temperature of the main bath is recorded together with the conductivity of the water sample. The temperature of the main bath is determined with a precision better than one millikelvin. Temperature drifts of the main bath are continuously evaluated and the conductivity measurement pauses as soon as the drift gets too high for valid measurements.

The measurements and process controlling use technology which does not require manual range settings or manual standardization. The built-in processor controls all processes. The performance of these processes is documented for service purposes. Touch-screen and USB allow the communication with the Precision Salinometer.

The OPTIMARE Precision Salinometer is based on the development of Klaus Ohm, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. A combined work group consisting of OPTIMARE and Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (work group Dr. G. Budéus) developed the prototype.

The development was funded through EFRE of the EU and the Land Bremen according to grant 56012/2-Z by the BIS Bremerhaven Gesellschaft für Investionsförderung mbH.


  • Robust against environmental conditions
  • Automated processing of water samples
  • Temperature controlled pre-bath
  • Fully documented accuracy
  • Latest technology applied