• Marine Observing Systems (MEDUSA-SEA)
  • Research vessels (MEDUSA-SHIP)
  • Data post processing and long-time availability (MEDUSA-DB)


  • Sensor management system for research vessels or buoy networks
  • Web based control including user based access levels and a WIKI system
  • NMEA and user defined sensor protocols
  • Network connection via IP using fibre optics, copper cable or WLAN
  • Optional long range satellite connection (e.g. Iridium, Inmarsat)
  • Real-time status and data display for directly attached sensor devices
  • User definable sensor displays
  • Geo-referencing and map charts
  • Adaptable system for growing requirements
  • Land-based system for long-term data storage and availability
  • High availability option for 365 days 24/7 operations
  • Email module option for research vessels

The MEDUSA system for marine applications

It is possible to install a growing number of sensor devices on research vessels because of new techniques. For the administration of these multiple sensors, OPTIMARE has developed the MEDUSA system.

Based on a central user interface, new devices and their sensors can be easily registered in the system and are directly accessible. The connection of the devices can be achieved via arbitrary communication systems, like IP using fibre optics, copper cable, WLAN, or a satellite uplink.

OPTIMARE offers specific solutions for the connection of devices.


The MEDUSA-SHIP system is designed for the data acquisition of research vessels. The registered devices and their sensor data are stored in the central database system. Via web interface, the user can review the data from any computer in the vessels LAN. The access to the on-line and historic data can be restricted via user or group level.

In case of a system error, an automatic message is sent to pre-defined users, for example the systems administrator or the operator of the sensor device. This way, the system design offers maximum reliability with a minimum amount of administration.