Jotron RA-7203

Multi/Single Channel VHF/AM Receiver in 19″ sub-rack. 3U high. 99 Ch. fast recall store. AM voice. 25 and 8.33 kHz channel spacing. 118-137 MHz. LAN ( SNMP ), RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface, full digital control and diagnostics. Operates from AC mains with auto fail to 24V DC. Power supply included. Option: Internal in-band interface.

Article numbers:

  • 84500 RA-7203 VHF/AM Digital Multimode Receiver
  • 82452 Sub Rack for RA-7203
  • 84360 118-144 MHz Extended frequency range
  • 84361 118-156 MHz Extended frequency range
  • 84362 Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • 86290 VoIP
  • 86884 Frequency Modulation (AM-MSK)
  • 86885 Telsa Cavity Control
  • 81860 ACU Antenna Change Over Unit , Main to Standby, 7000 series Multimode
  • 86244 Spare Part Modules
  • 84357 VDL – VHF Data Link Applications (for TR-7650/25/10 only) Enables the physical capability of the radio to receive and transmit VDL mode 2 packets using D8PSK modulation with 31.5 kbit/s data.
  • 84358 Inband signalling (for TA-7650/25/10 and RA-7203. Both as transceiver) T7650/25/107650/25/107650/25/10) Inband signalling option that enables keying of the transmitter with a user selectable inband tone and selectable inband tones on the receiver to signal squelch status.