Inmarsat Gps Gnss Repeater

We are offering a unique, Inmarsat GPS & GNSS Fiber-based Repeater solution for Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal coverage. The repeater enables transmission of Inmarsat GPS and GNSS signals from outdoor to indoor. This solution, which provides Inmarsat coverage to bunkers and aircraft hangars, saves money because there is no need to take aircrafts out of the hangars each time avionics systems need to be tested.

The Inmarsat fiber repeater system is supplied as a ready-to-install kit that includes an outdoor rated unit (ODU*), an indoor unit, cabling and antennas. * ODU unit is supplied with an IP65 outdoor-rated, AC to DC power supply

A dual-zone system is available for a hangar that requires double the coverage or separate support area.

The fiber optic cable between the indoor and outdoor units enables remote and flexible placement of outdoor antennas.


  • Testing can be done indoors at any time and in any climate
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Fiber optic benefits: Low RF transmission loss, improved signal quality, lightning protection
  • Savings on aircraft tug and technical personnel
  • Savings on heating and cooling costs
  • Delivery time is improved because the entire testing process is faster


Downlink (DL) Value
Frequency Range - Bandwidth 1525–1559MHz
RF input/ RF output VSWR 1:1.6
DL RF input signal range Up to -20dBm
Downlink gain 48dB (±10dB Adjustable)
DL Noise figure <5dB
Uplink (UL) Value
Frequency range 1626.5–1660.5MHz
RF input/ RF output VSWR 1:1.6
UL RF input signal range Up to -20dBm
Uplink gain 48 (±10dB Adjustable)
UL Noise figure <20dB
GNSS Support Specifications Value
GPS support type L1/L2/L5
GLONASS support E6/E5