ADS-B Base Station Receiver for Civilian Applications

(Get Access to Live Traffic in AIR)
is a one Stop Solution for receiving, decoding and visualization of aircraft position, altitude, speed, ICAO & other required information for Flight Tracking.

flytfinder SDR contains an R820T2 tuner along with an RTL2832U USB interface/demodulator. They also contain an ultra-low phase noise 0.5PPM TCXO. They have a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1700MHz.

The SDRs are installed in aluminum enclosures to greatly reduce EMI, improve performance, and facilitate heat transfer from the PCB to the exterior of the device.

flytRADis a high sensitive combination of ADSB Receiver

  • Highly Sensitive RF Front End- Software Defined Radio
  • 50 Ohms SMA Antenna Connectivity
  • Variety of data output formats via network interfaces
  • Undecoded binary raw data via TCP/IP or UDP
  • Very low Power Consumption <10W
  • Remote Configuration access via SSH
  • Both Access Point & Station Mode facility available for connectivity
  • AIRAD Android application available for visualization
  • Connectivity to any visualization platforms like Plane plotter via TCP/IP


General ADS-B–Receive Only
Frequency of Operation 1090MHz
Detection range * 150 NM
Detecting Messages MSG 3 to MSG 8, DF-17 DF-18
ADSB Message update rate 1Hz
Ethernet 300Mbps Ethernet through standard RJ-45 connector
Protocol Standard TCP/IP or UDP
Processor Raspberry Pi 3B+ ARMv8 @ 1.4GHz with 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM
Connectors ADS-B Antennna: SMA-Female Ethernet: RJ-45 Connector Power: Circular 2 Pin
Electrical Characteristics
Power Input 5Vdc,1 A / 2A (or) 220V AC Supply
Power Consumption <10W
Antenna Specification
ADS-B Antenna Standard Omni-directional L Band 1090MHz ADS-B antenna

Note 1: Depends on the transmitter power, antenna-make & its installation location, available Line-of-Sight for a particular location and also on other standard conditions like rain, fog, or path attenuations etc.