Bulkhead Boom

Bulkhead Boom

Bulkhead is a high integrity boom available in a range of sizes that comply to ASTM and US Coastguard standards ranging from protected waters to open water, as prescribed by the Oil Pollution Act 1990. It has unequalled wave following characteristics and thereby out performs other booms of larger size. It is designed for use in the full range of environments from terminals to the rigors of offshore and ocean.


Bulkheadboom is manufactured from reinforced, double faced neoprene fabric. This results in a product that can operate in temperatures from 40oC to +90oC without any deterioration of the physical properties of the material. It is highly durable and has the lowest life cycle cost of any boom in its class. Additionally, it is very easy to clean, maintain and repair. All categories of Bulkhead boom are also available in double thickness (HD- heavy duty) neoprene. This is typically used for longer deployments and the more abrasive environments.

Key features and benefits

  • The buoyancy tube has internal bulkheads every three to five metres to form independent chambers. These are completely sealed and in the event of damage to any one chamber, the boom’s integrity and ability to contain oil is retained.
  • The boom’s continuous cylindrical shape, coupled with low air inflation pressure enhances flexibility and produces a very responsive containment system.
  • A high buoyancy to weight ratio gives unequalled wave following capability.
  • All boom seams are vulcanised to ensure good retention of the neoprene’s excellent mechanical properties, even after prolonged storage, and also to give resistance to degradation from exposure to hydrocarbons and UV light.
  • The interface between the boom material and the marine grade aluminium connecting plate is achieved without puncturing the material thus ensuring boom integrity.