Airborne Maritime Surveillance

The global growth in all kinds of traffic and the increase of migration require an equally increasing effort by states and their authorities regarding control and surveillance.

Our Principle Aerodata provides special mission aircraft which can be tailored to various tasks like:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Maritime and Land Surveillance
  • Border Patrol
  • Law Enforcement and Police Tasks
  • Fishery Patrol
  • Environmental Protection and Pollution Monitoring
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Transport

For these types of tasks, Aero Data’s mission management system “AeroMission” provides a specific solution regarding sensors and their operation, visualization and aircraft installation.AeroMission, the integrated mission management system, is the solution for any airborne surveillance scenarios.

The essential features of AeroMission:

  • one single workstation controls all sensors
  • integrated presentation of all sensor data for an optimal situational awareness
  • integrated sensor operation, mission guidance and support of tactical planning
  • support of network centric operations
  • digital storage of photo, audio and video data
  • automated generation of standard messages or reports including information/ report exchange with aircraft and ground control centre (existing or Aerodata provided)
  • data exchange with electronic flight deck (video, FMS, aircraft data)
  • algorithm for sensor fusion based on the data provided by the various sensors

Surveillance Sensors:

Depending on customer’s requirements, AeroMission can be equipped with various sensors:

  • Electro-optical sensors (EO/IR) (infrared-, daylight und nightvision cameras)
  • AESA Radar systems providing the prevalent operation modi
  • Search & Rescue Direction Finding (DF)
  • Tactical wide-band Direction Finding (DF)
  • AIS
  • COMINT / SIGINT / ELINT sensors

Sensors for Pollution Monitoring

To detect oil pollution on the sea surface, AeroMission integrates proprietary sensors:

  • Side-Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR)
  • IR/UV Line Scanner
  • Visible Line Scanner (VIS)
  • Laser Fluorosensor (LFS-P)
  • Microwave Radiometer (MWR-P)


Equipment for the mission communication with different involved units is also supported by AeroMission:

  • digital intercom system
  • communication relay
  • broad band satellite communication
  • digital microwave downlink
  • various types of radios