Operating range of the NDB “YANTAR-1000” is up to 600 km.
Output stages of transmitter units work in class D with high efficiency.
NDB units are connected via CAN bus. This industrial network technology provides stable system operation, permits easily unit hot swapping and connection of the optional units (for specific customer’s requirements).
Parameters automatic adjustment system provides stable NDB operation.
Remote control via RS-422 provides connection of NMEA compliant equipment (base station computer etc).

Monitoring, diagnostics and control via Ethernet (10BaseT, etc.) by means of special software (Technomarine JSC).
Embedded web server for general control and monitoring of NDB operational parameters (special software is not required).
Monitoring and diagnostics systems for easily maintenance and troubleshooting.
Units are installed in 19 inch cabinet to provide easily access for maintenance and hot swap.
Distance between base station and NDB station is up to 300 m.
Distance between Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) and NDB station is up to 100 m.
ATU matches to all DGPS NDB antenna types.


– 19 inch station cabinet,
– two power units,
– two transmitter units,
– two filter units,
– control unit;
Antenna Tuning Unit;
SPTA (spare parts, tools, accessories) kit;


Transmitter units with built in MSK modulators.
NDB station with operating temperature range from -40 up to 50 °С.
Notebook “ALL Terrain Grade” type, provides comfortable graphic user interface for NDB control and monitoring.
Uninterruptible power supply with external batteries for operational time from 0.1 to 24 hours.
RS-232 to RS-422 converter with optical isolation.
Shelter (specially designed shelter with auxiliary equipment).
T-type antenna with height 20 or 30 meters, antenna AZM-20.
Fully automatic diesel-generator.