The SCANTER 6000 naval surveillance radar is a fully coherent solid state radar with software-defined functionality. Advanced techniques such as Frequency Diversity and Time Diversity provide superior performance.

SCANTER 4100 Naval Air & Surface Surveillance Radar

The SCANTER 4100 is a powerful, coherent, digital radar with pulse compression and MTI capability, providing combined air and sea surveillance. It takes advantage of the most recent developments and represents the most modern concept and state-of-the art technology.

SCANTER 2001i Frequency Diversity Radar

The SCANTER 2001 Frequency Diversity radar is specifically tailored to sea surface surveillance and is already in operation worldwide for both naval and coastal surveillance applications.

SCANTER 2002 Submarine Radar

The SCANTER 2002 navigational radar system is specifically designed for submarine applications and is in operation in several submarines throughout the world.

Submarine Antenna

The 4 ft X-band CSC2 antenna is designed for submarine applications and withstands high water pressure. The antenna is a horizontally polarized X-band antenna with a narrow horizontal beam width and low level side-lobes.