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My Smart GPS12x+

Smart Navigator for Mariners & Sailors

Have you contemplated buying different models of
marine GPS to meet your navigational requirements? Are
you stuck with not being able to mark your position of
interest or fishing zone? Or send the same to your friends
and colleagues?

Become a smart mariner now and experience the power of advanced navigation and positional information with MysmartGPS12X+. The 12X+ comes with open sea maps with the ability to input symbols and way points by the users. Users can also use its built in GUI for navigation guidance to your point of interest or destination.

For a fraction of the cost of an Hardware based Marine GPS enjoy the new world smartnav GPS connected ship experience everyday with MysmartGPS12X+ (when in 3G/4G coverage area). MysmartGPS12X+ is a powerful geo information hub that keeps the navigator informed of position, way points to go to and other safer navigation tools including weather information – a feature not available in any hardware GPS. MysmartGPS12X+ delivers valuable information, to the navigator harnessing the power of mobile smartphone computing and communications with the best of GPS & A-GPS* to bring greater accuracy than normal hardware based GPS devices.

OpenSeaMap provides seafaring maps with nautical and tourism information that would interest sailors. This includes beacons, buoys and other seamarks, port information,repair shops, ship supplies and much more, …..

– Auto track log
– Preloaded marine maps
– Online /Offline maps
– Photo navigation
– Share/export data
– MOB ( Man Over Board)
– Weather info
– Proximity Alertsand more…
– More accurate GPS fix than regular hardware based GPS (due to A-GPS and cell corrections)
– User-selectable waypoint symbols and comments enhance map display information
– Your movement on the screen is smoothened by very fast responsive refresh
– Heading and Position Refreshed every second
– Preloaded with Open sea maps for offline
– Create your own points of interest or fishing zone
– Man Over Board functions


Display Colour – Multi screen Compatibility
User Interface – User Friendly
Camera Feature – Available
Interface – USB
Base Map – Live map With Satellite and Terrain Image
Preloaded maps – Open Sea map / Ourx map
Offline Map – Yes
Online Map – Yes
Data Sharing – Easy to Share
Key Function – Touch
Waypoints – UNLIMITED
Track log – UNLIMITED
Picture Viewer – Yes
Mark Icon – Multi Icon (Add On Waypoint)
Photo Navigation – Yes
MOB – Yes
Weather Info – Yes

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