Maritime Assets are soft Targets

Terrorists & pirates are more and more targeting locations or facilities considered too ‘soft’. As was evident in such attacks as the USS Cole, M/ V. Limburg & the tragic attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai. It is clear that “soft” targets have included attacks on Merchant & Naval ships, Coastal Tourist hotspots & hotels, Bridges, commercial shipping, oil & Transport critical infrastructure. Perils of pirate attacks is increasing by the day.

VMS Track is :

  • Ideal for coastal fishing fleet tracking & Management
  • A “Friend or Foe” (Pirate) identifying device”
  • A Coastal security & MDA application device
  • Suitable for leisure boats, ski jets, harbor crafts etc
  • Useful to monitor movement of vehicles in a port
  • An aid to Pilots and boarding parties
    • TDMA technology tested & Proved
    • Future proofed and tested for AIS satellite pickup
    • Will work with existing AIS shore infrastructure
    • Unique ID programmable for each unit
    • Embedded geo reference coast line table
    • Incremental tracking as it nears coast
    • Distress complies with SOLAS & received by all AIS
    • Buitl-in Emergency Distress button uses AIS MSG14
    • Intelligent high tech tamper proof solution
    • Water proof to 10m depth – IP 68
    • MDA tracking software solution available
    • Built in rechargeable battery for upto 120 Hrs*
    • Palm size and easy portability in emergency
    • Size 125mm x 68mm x 30mm, Weight 210 gms
    • LED flash for night navigation alert
    • Integrated fast high sensitive GPS
    • Programmable to any Marine Frequency
    • Power Output approx 2 w – No Installation required
    • External Antenna option available on request
    • Smallest self contained device in the worldA Radar less traffic monitoring system for small ports
  • Key Features:

Aritsan Fishing

Artisan fishing is a term used to describe small scale low-technology commercial or subsistence fishing practices. The term particularly applies to coastal or island ethnic groups using traditional techniques such as rod and tackle, arrows and harpoons, throw nets and drag nets, and traditional fishing boats.

It does not usually cover the concept of fishing for sport, and might be used when talking about the pressures between large scale modern commercial fishing practises and traditional methods, or when aid programs are targeted specifically at fishing at or near subsistence levels.

What can EIPL supply for Artisan fishing?
EIPL is able to supply complete tracking systems for artisan fishing.
From the single “tracking” unit on board of a small vessel up to a complete monitoring system onshore to control, manage and support the artisanal vessels.

Regatta Racing

What is a regatta?

A regatta is a series of boat races. The term typically describes racing events of rowed or sailed watercraft, although some powerboat race series are also called regattas. A regatta often includes social and promotional activities which surround the racing event, and except in the case of boat type (or “class”) championships, is usually named for the town or venue where the event takes place.

What can we supply for regatta racing?

VMSTrack is able to supply tracking systems for every participating vessel.
The regatta boats are equipped with a GPS based TMDA locator. Each boat can be monitored from the regatta master on shore, but also even on board of the competition monitoring and judgeship.
Within the possibility of monitoring, you can have different temporal results as:

  • Fastest boat between two waypoints
  • Fastest distance for an individual boat
  • Highest speed of competition
  • Highest speed of individual boat

an much much more information.
All that information can be recorded on a CD and given to the participants.
Please contact us for more details

Coast surveillance

What is Coast surveillance?

Coast surveillance can be a national organization responsible for various services at sea. However the term can imply widely different responsibilities in different countries, from being a a non official coast guard service for search and rescue purposes or heavily armed military force with customs and security duties.

What are the actual challenges?

]Security is a key word today and being “on-line” with all borders and water front is essential for the new world order. The tracking of fishing vessels has, for several years already, been an aim of authorities around the world. Several programmes have been started or put in place to effect this. Nothing was successful as the technology for a TDMA based tracking was not mature. The need for tracking has shifted be serveral reasons (Pakistani Terroroist in Mumbai) to primarily that of security. Issues such as safety of life at sea and sustainable exploitation and management of marine resources have taken a secondary role in importance. The most obvious step in tightening security is to have knowledge of the movements of all vessels along the coastline and thus incorporating any tracking projects into the security – agenda is important. It is necessary to differentiate between a traffic management system which will assist authorities in monitoring and managing these small vessels and a Security enhanced solution which can also ensure that all vessel activity around national coastal waters is adequately monitored. . . If security is not kept in mind then the end product may be effective for general management of small crafts, but will fail in the security front.

Panic alerting

By simply providing the vessel captain or crew with a panic-button that they can use when being attacked or when they see a suspicious vessel, a huge advantage is gained for security. Now authorities are alerted.

What can TechAf supply for coast surveillance?

EIPL can supply a whole system for coast surveillance.
Low-Cost Vessel Tracking which works on TDMA principles containing the VHF radio, antenna and GPS receiver computer software, monitoring devices and the all neccessary infrastructure.
For a single vessel EIPL can supply the following hardware:

  • Equipment is LOW Cost
  • No monthly recurring costs.
  • No cost per message.
  • Radiated power that minimum range is guaranteed
  • Battery powered
  • Variable reporting rates
  • Autonomous reporting