Navtek’s Poseidon 007’s timely alert saves vessel from thieves at sea

Srilankan Shipping Company Limited is a renowned leading shipping & maritime organization recognized worldwide. They are using Poseidon 007,  ship security alert system from Navtek for 4 years now. The company’s ship MT Capricorn while sailing out in Bay of Bengal was attacked by thieves. The attentive ship staff activated the SSAS’s discrete alarm signaling to the company’s CSO that the vessel was in some sort of risk.

The company then swung into action and the thieves robbery attempt was thwarted.

The customer shared his heartfelt satisfaction towards the reliable working of the equipment during the panic situation.

The Poseidon SSAS 007 has once again proved the importance of having a time tested reliable ship security alerting system on board. True to its purpose as a sentinel it has reassured the ship owners, that as long as they have the Poseidon SSAS on board, where ever in the world their vessel may be they can sleep in peace with Poseidon on watch.