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“ElektronikLab signing MOU with Pawan Hans”

28th Nov 2019, Delhi: ElektronikLab signing MOU with Pawan Hans for Helitracker-Satellite tracking system for real time monitoring of Aircrafts in the presence of Jt. Sec. Civil Aviation and CMD Pawan Hans…

“Helitracker Crosses Pacific – We Expedition”

Helitracker – An Automated Flight Following System crosses Pacific along with our brave Capt. Aarohi Pandit – pilot in command for We Expedition, a circumnavigation venture taken up to encourage more girls for flying. Capt Aarohi and our mighty flight tracker has faced some challenging events accross 1 year and now it’s time for their homecoming. We look forward to map Aarohi’s flight path as she flies back to India.

Wishing you good luck CAP !!!!”


17th Edition Of Cricket For Concern.

Elektroniklab as participated in a social cause event “17th Edition Of Cricket For Concern” in this elektroniklab won the trophy, and appreciate the entire team.

Coast Guard DHQ-16

Coast Guard DHQ-16 conducted Area Level Annual Pollution Exercise and Mock Drill at VOC Port on 26/02/2019 with Indian Coast Guard. Our Oil spill Response team at Tuticorin and VOC Port Officials,Port Users attended the Drill followed by debriefing by Deputy Port Conservator,Harbour Master and ICG Officials.

A Princess Among Queens

Trackanything device is a game changer!

Let’s not take a chance of losing your vehicle. Install our  GPS device ( Trackanything ) in your cars & bikes so you can track your vehicle anytime & anywhere.

Police caught bike which has stolen after chasing of approx 100KM near Mahabalipuram. Our client Mr.Pushparaj received vibrate alert SMS from the tracker. This news has been flashed by all local news channel. We are really proud to say that, our team has installed this tracker.

Helitracker Goes Around The World For 90 Days!!!

Yes, Kudos to Capt Aarohi Pandit & Capt Keitheir Misquitta – The 2 young Indian pilots who are already on the move for an adventure of a lifetime – circumnavigating the globe in a tiny motor glider aircraft which they lovingly call as MAHI in 90 days crossing over 23 countries and covering a distance of 40,000 km.

Now with this heroic intent and a big dream like this, you need a friend along who can help you find your location from anywhere and everywhere. We are happy to equip MAHI with our portable satellite-based tracking system – Helitracker which gives you a clear and precise location of your aircraft minute by minute over a live map View More

We wish good luck to the girls…Fly High With Helitracker!!!

Happy Independence Day from Turkey!

Aarohi Pandit & Capt Keitheir Misquitta Says

“The WE! Expedition is over 3500 NM away from home and has crossed three international borders, but what an honour it is for our pilots to be able to raise our country’s flag up high on our 72nd Independence Day.

WE! are so incredibly humbled and lucky to find so many well-wishers all along our journey so far. In Iran, it was the kindness and generosity shown at every stop by Bahram Torkaman and his amazing family who took care of Aarohi and Keithair like their own.

And in Turkey, it was the fantastic team at Elektroniklab who, in addition to sponsoring our stay here, helped get us our national flag so we could celebrate our Independence Day as soon as we landed in Erzurum. “

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd conducted Aerodata training 2018

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd Among The Most Promising Fleet Management Solution Providers-2017


Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd 2nd Connectivity in the Sky Conference on Broadband Connectivity for the Aircraft & Aviation Safety Services & SD Training

The Vembu Subramanian Memorial Scholarship

The Marine Technology Society announces the Vembu Subramanian Memorial Scholarship open to MTS Student Members studying in India. Each year, MTS will offer two scholarships to college graduate or college undergraduate students in India enrolled in full-time marine-related programs with a focus in marine technology, marine engineering and/or marine science.
Among the eligibility criteria for an MTS scholarship is the requirement that the applicant must be an MTS member. For membership information, please visit our membership page. Student Membership for full time college students and high school seniors is only $25 per year.

For more details click here

BSNL and Inmarsat officially open GSPS satellite gateway in India

Teledyne Reson PDS 2000 Training

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd successfully conducted the Teledyne Reson PDS 2000 training programme from 15th February 2016 to 19th February 2016 at the National Institute of Ocean Technology.

The 5-day intensive training conducted by Reson’s senior surveyors was attended by 25 scientists from NIO, NIOT, GSI, NPOL, DCIL and other private companies offering dredging and surveys.

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd has been and intends to conduct such training programmes to keep our Indian hydrographers and surveyors using the top of the line Teledyne multi-beam equipment, acquisition and post-processing software, well updated and refreshed.

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd kicstarted NIOT’s succesful Underwater Technology seminar

Press Release: MAR2015
Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd kicstarted NIOT’s succesful Underwater Technology seminar, UT’ 15 by hosting a cultural dinner for all the 275 delegates at Dakshin chitra. The 3 day event hosted by NIOT at their facility saw more than 95 foreign delegates from around the world belonging to various technical associations and research centres, and more than 60 papers were presented during the course of the event.

Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd Expertise Attend Important Meeting On Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response at NIOT

Press Release: MAR2015
Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd kickstarted NIOT’s successful Underwater Technology seminar, UT’ 15 by hosting a cultural dinner for all the 275 delegates at Dakshin Chitra. The 3-day event hosted by NIOT at their facility saw more than 95 foreign delegates from around the world belonging to various technical associations and research centres, and more than 60 papers were presented during the course of the event.

NIOT( “National Institute of Ocean Technology”) awards another 3 years of buoy deployment & retrieval service contract to Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd

National Institute of Ocean Technology a premier research institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, with domain expertise in Ocean observation NIOT has a vast network of Buoys and deploys and runs the National buoy data program for the Government of India.

Under the awarded contract Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd marine technicians will not only deploy and retrieve various types of Ocean Weather monitoring buoys, Tsunami detections buoys, Bottom pressure recording devices but they will also ensure that the buoys are assembled properly, sensors tested and moored correctly. This challenging contract is the 2nd time that Elab have won as previously a similar contract was executed in 2010 – 2013.

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Sail the Gulf 2015

The 2015 Sail the Gulf hosted by Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation was a great success. 9 entries from 8 different countries produced a truly international flavor. The podium had 3 different countries with India taking out the top spot. Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation provided the professional organization it is renowned for. The international sailors already indicting they will be back for some more quality racing and Qatar hospitality. Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation provided charter boats for the sailors.  The simulator is in compliance to the IMO model courses 1.27, 1.07 and 1.08, thus enabling the impartation of STCW 2010 Standard ECDIS training.

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