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We Expedition

Helitracker Goes Around The World For 90 Days!!!

Yes, Kudos to Capt Aarohi Pandit & Capt Keitheir Misquitta – The 2 young Indian pilots who are already on the move for an adventure of a lifetime – circumnavigating the globe in a tiny motor glider aircraft which they lovingly call as MAHI in 90 days crossing over 23 countries and covering a distance of 40,000 km.

Now with this heroic intent and a big dream like this, you need a friend along who can help you find your location from anywhere and everywhere. We are happy to equip MAHI with our portable satellite-based tracking system – Helitracker which gives you a clear and precise location of your aircraft minute by minute over a live map.
We wish good luck to the girls…Fly High With Helitracker!!!

Track the We  Expedition.

Leg 25

On: 9th Sep

From: Hornafjordur Airport (Iceland)

To:Reykjavik (Iceland)

Leg 26

On:12th Sep

From: Reykjavik (Iceland)

To:Kulusuk (Greenland)

Leg 21

On: 1st Sep

From: Calais (France)

To: Durham (England)

Leg 22

On: 2nd Sep

From: Durham (England)

To: New Castle (England)

Leg 23

On:5th Sep

From: New Castle (England)

To:Wick Airport (Scotland)

Leg 24

On: 6th Sep

From: Wick Airport (Scotland)

To:Hornafjordur Airport (Iceland)

Leg 17

On: 27th Aug

From: Letalisce Ajdovscina (Slovenia)

To: Letalisce  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Leg 18

On: 28th Aug

From: Letalisce  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

To: Augsburg (Germany)

Leg 19

On: 29th Aug

From: Augsburg (Germany)

To: Strasbourg (France)

Leg 20

On: 31st Aug

From: Strasbourg (France)

To: Calais (France)

Leg 13

On: 18th Aug

From: Sivas (Turkey)

To: Corlu (Turkey)

Leg 14

On: 19th Aug

From: Corlu (Turkey)

To: Vojka (Serbia)

Leg 15

On: 21st Aug

From: Vojka (Serbia)

To: Letalisce  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Leg 16

On: 22nd Aug

From: Letalisce  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

To: Letalisce Ajdovscina (Slovenia)

Leg 9

On: 13th Aug

From: Shahrekord (Iran)

To: Karaj (Iran)

Leg 10

On: 14th Aug

From: Karaj (Iran)

To: Tabriz (Iran)

Leg 11

On: 15th Aug

From: Tabriz (Iran)

To: Erzurum (Turkey)

Leg 12

On: 17th Aug

From: Erzurum (Turkey)
To: Sivas (Turkey)

Leg 5

On: 8th Aug

From: Karachi (Pakistan)

To: Konarak (Iran)

Leg 6

On: 9th Aug

From: Konarak (Iran)

To: Bandar Abbas (Iran)

Leg 7

On: 10th Aug

From: Bandar Abbas (Iran)

To: Rafsanjan (Iran)

Leg 8

On: 12th Aug

From: Rafsanjan (Iran)

To: Shahrekord (Iran)

Leg 1

On: 30th July

From: Patiala (Punjab)

To: Kishangarh  (Rajasthan)

Leg 2

On: 1st Aug

From: Kishangarh (Rajasthan)

To: Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Leg 3

On: 3rd Aug

From: Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

To: Bhuj (Gujarat)

Leg 4

On: 7th Aug

From: Bhuj (Gujarat)

To: Karachi (Pakistan)

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