Swift Broadband

The Inmarsat satellite communications network is the backbone for two-way voice, fax and data services for aircraft operating virtually anywhere in the world. By using Inmarsat consortium partners, Elektronik Lab patented technology makes the complex Inmarsat network global and user friendly.Various Inmarsat ground earth stations support different services, including SwiftBroadband.

Customers have operational problems if their satcom system is not configured to match the Inmarsat ground earth station capabilities – Elektronik Lab configures each satcom system to match the Inmarsat service to assure reliable Inmarsat global mobile to fixed and fixed to mobile communications.

SwiftBroadband – allows more simultaneous users and more demanding applications. Rates can be increased further by using parallel SwiftBroadband channels and data compression. SwiftBroadband supports both IP and circuit-switched applications, with a choice between contended services and data streaming on demand. SwiftBroadband enables all key cockpit and cabin applications, including telephony, text messaging, email, internet and intranet access, as well as flight plan, weather, and chart updates.

  • Simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • Contended IP data at up to 432kbps
  • IP data streaming on demand at 32, 64, 128kbps, and X-Stream 256kbps
  • GPRS, UMTS and ISDN compatible
  • Currently one and two-channel avionics
  • Standalone or simultaneous operation with other Inmarsat services

SwiftBroadband Advantages

• Safe operations

Our safety services were the first to comply with ICAO requirements.

• Global coverage

Ensures aircraft maintain constant connectivity with air traffic control and ground-based networks.

• Flexibility

A single installation enables a diverse range of cockpit and cabin applications.

• High performance

Broadband data services that enable the ‘connected aircraft’ of the future.

• Cost-effective

Scalable, cost-efficient bandwidth, as and when required.

• Easy installation

An Inmarsat-enabled antenna is now common on most current-production corporate jets.