A key component in Sonardyne’s SIPS 2 System, XSRSs (Cross Streamer Ranging System) are intelligent acoustic devices used to measure one way slant range distances underwater.

The Type 8018 is equipped with a direct reading sound speed sensor. This ‘time of Flight’ sensor provides superior accuracy and ease of use compared to the more traditional CTD methods, particularly in areas affected by fresh water and salt water mixing.

The units are battery powered and are mounted on the streamer sections using industry standard collars. The XSRS units communicate with the XSRS controllers by means of the inductive coils and communication circuit within the streamers.

The design of the XSRS is based around a proprietary application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The ASIC enables the decoding of the digital acoustic signal using digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. The unit has four receiver channels and one transmit channel.

Each receiver is capable of receiving 1 of 60 unique digital signals. The use of digital acoustic signals and digital processing techniques enable the XSRS to transmit and receive signals in the same event. In addition, they are able to transmit and receive SIPS 1 style tone burst for cross wake ranges.

The Type 8018 XSRS units are powered by individual standard C-size alkaline or long-life lithium cells. The XSRS units have been designed to be very energy efficient, with over 80% of the available battery power being transmitted into the water.

Technical Specifications :-

Feature Alkaline Lithium Long-Life Lithium
Operating Frequency EHF (55-110kHz) EHF (55-110kHz) EHF (55-110kHz)
Transmit Source Level (Controllable) Max. 190dB re 1µPa @1m Max. 190dB re 1µPa @1m Max. 190dB re 1µPa @1m
Receive Sensivity (Controllable) 73dB re 1µPa @1m 73dB re 1µPa @1m 73dB re 1µPa @1m
Acoustic Range Resolution 5mm@ 1500 ms Vp 5mm@ 1500 ms Vp 5mm@ 1500 ms Vp
System Sync Resolution 75mm @ 1500 ms Vp 75mm @ 1500 ms Vp 75mm @ 1500 ms Vp s
Immunity to Multipath System can resolve bottom bounce/surface bounce greater than 0.3m
Number of Digital Acoustic Signals 60 60 60
Number of Tone Acoustic Signals 6 6 6
Number of Received Channels 4 4 4
Sound Velocity Range 1400 – 1600 metres/second
Sound Velocity Resolution 0.01 metres/second
Sound Velocity Accuracy Total max theoretical error +/-0.06 metres/second
Battery Life (Typical) 5-6 Weeks 9-11 Weeks 15-18 Weeks
Weight In Air 7.3kg - -
Weight In Water 3.0kg - -


  • Integral direct reading sound speed sensor
  • Choice of Alkaline, Lithium or Long Life Lithium batteries
  • Compatible with HGPS transceiver
  • Capable of receiving 16 ranges per cycle
  • Designed to transmit to an unlimited no of units
  • Flash upgradeable firmware
  • Sealed electronics compartment