SeaBat 7125 Versatility The SeaBat 7125 continues to evolve with ever more powerful features for specific applications, and for enhancing productivity. The links below provide full details of the features contained within the latest innovative release, Feature Pack 4. The fundamental acoustics continue to be class leading with 400kHz for high resolution, high density surveying which exceeds the most stringent of specifications, and 200kHz for greater range performance. The SeaBat 7125 can be installed on any platform from survey vessels to ROVs and AUVs down to 6000m water depth.

The SeaBat 7128 is an indispensible tool for the support of subsea construction projects where real time visualization is the difference between success and failure, and has been used successfully for the detection and localization of subsea leaks from ROV platforms in the offshore environment.

The SeaBat 7128 is in addition used for Mine Countermeasure (MCM) operations, and is a capable sensor as part of a diver detection solution either for choke points such as harbor entrances or for classification of diver like objects from mobile platforms.


The combination of high accuracy acoustic positioning technology with real-time imaging sonars, offers the operator a very efficient visualization when installing any structure on the seafloor. The SeaBat 7128 imaging sonar has been used in guidance of:

  • Pipeline crossing mattresses
  • Templates, manifolds, jumpers and spool piece installation
  • Guidance of pipelines being installed in pre-existing trenches

A versatile tool for serious applications.

The SeaBat 7128 uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and software, so you can add to, expand or upgrade your system to meet new challenges – without spending a fortune