SCOTTY Aero Systems

SCOTTY Aero Systems

SCOTTY racks, consoles, and operator stations offer the complete SCOTTY transmission suite and can be customized for the platform and the exact application.  The hardware contains the necessary coolers, circuit breakers, and monitoring displays to ensure consistent operation – it can also be designed to be roll-on/roll-off.


SCOTTY is a solutions provider and manufacturer of systems for beyond line-of-sight audio, video, and data connectivity for communications and surveillance purposes.  Our systems are deployed on the ground, at sea, and in the air for homeland security, peace-keeping, and search & rescue missions. SCOTTY’s equipment provides a unique offering of live audio, video, and data communication, live video surveillance transmission, and HD quality imagery transfer over satellite from all kinds of environments and platforms, large or small – including helicopters. SCOTTY packages are used by customers around the world to support their border control, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, surveillance, search and rescue, and other missions which require beyond line-of-sight connectivity and ruggedized/reliable equipment. SCOTTY is EN 9100:2009 certified and has over fifteen years’ experience serving customers around the world.

Beyond Line-of-sight Surveillance

The SCOTTY Group and Diamond Airborne Sensing present a versatile and efficient surveillance solution: the SCOTTY/Diamond DA42 Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP). This twin engine plane has been outfitted with an observation camera and a beyond line-of-sight satellite link.  It can operate in all weather conditions and at a wide range of speeds –  in monitoring mode, it can even fly for up to 12.5 hours without refueling.

The SCOTTY satcom equipment, weighing only 27 kg is installed in the luggage compartment of the DA42 MPP. Completing the system are a mechanically steered high-gain SatCom antenna mounted on the fuselage, an under nose turret carrying thermal and visible light cameras, and a dual-monitor operator station. The system offers up to 432kbps over Inmarsat, giving the user multiple role capabilities such as simultaneous voice-, data- and video transmissions from air to ground or vice versa