ROV/Diver Operated Electrical Switch

The new ROV/Diver controlled electrical switch can operate in up to 6000m of water and has an ROV compliant handle. The switch can rotate continuously in both directions and turns on and off at 90 degree intervals. The switching function will automatically rotate the switch to ON or OFF when the control is less than 90 degrees between functions. The rugged casing is made from Stainless Steel, a commonly used material in the subsea environment.

  • 6000m Depth rating (Check with PREVCO for Deeper Operating depths)
  • 240 Volts AC (400VDC)
  • 6 Amp continuous, 3 Amps switching
  • 100 Watts total load
  • ROV compliant handle
  • Rotates continuous in either direction
  • Indentations for secure Off or On when inbetween 90 degree intervals
  • Stainless Steel casing
  • Part no: 02246-001