Pressure Relief Valves

Many Subsea Housing applications require a pressure relief valve to relieve internal pressure due to internal off-gassing. PREVCO offers two reliable, cost effective solutions to this requirement, which are described below.

Long Life, Deep Operation, Dual Seals, Fits in Standard #4 SAE Port

  • Tiodized Titanium
  • Safety Feature for Pressure Vessels
  • Especially important when Batteries are in housing
  • Limits Catastrophic Blowout of End cap during Disassembly
  • Relieves @ ~10 Psi Differential
  • Dual Main Seals
  • >10,000 psi Pressure Rated
  • Fits in Standard #4 SAE Port* (Same as PREVCO Dual Seal Vent Plug) * Port must have a 32 microinch surface finish on the spot face

Shallow Depth Operation

  • Cracking pressure:Approx. 5 psig
  • Maximum depth rating:100 meters
  • Body material:Anodized Aluminum