NIOT( “National Institute of Ocean Technology”) awards another 3 years of buoy deployment & retrieval service contract to Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd


National Institute of Ocean Technology a premier research institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, with domain expertise in Ocean observation NIOT has a vast network of Buoys and deploys and runs the National buoy data program for the Government of India.

Under the awarded contract Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd marine technicians will not only deploy and retrieve various types of Ocean Weather monitoring buoys, Tsunami detections buoys, Bottom pressure recording devices but they will also ensure that the buoys are assembled properly, sensors tested and moored correctly. This challenging contract is the 2nd time that EIPL has won as previously a similar contract was executed in 2010 – 2013.

EIPL in addition will provide a qualified “buoy retrieval specialist” to recover drifting or beached buoys. Other responsibility of the “buoy crew” from EIPL will be preparing and deploying correct mooring and also undertake underwater sensor inspections time to time. A team of specially trained ocean buoy service team will handle this contract exclusively for NIOT.

In a separate contracted dated 08.05.2013 EIPL are helping NIOT assemble buoys for both electronics and mechanical integration along with special sensors and service the same. This is again a 3 year contract that is in the 2nd year now. This along with the 24/7 communication control centre in NIOT which is manned by our personnel under a three contract ensures that the communication form these buoys are received and disseminated to the appropriate nodal agency at INCOIS Hyderabad.

A complete solution of buoy integration, deployment, retrieval and communication reception given by Elektroniklab India Pvt Ltd offers a complete project support to NIOT in enhancing the commitment of delivering the precious ocean data to the general public.