The Bowtech Explorer EXTREME, underwater CCD camera, is the first to offer better than SIT performance, without the need for an image intensifier. The EXTREME uses a peltier cooled back thinned and back illuminated EMCCD sensor, for higher sensitivity, coupled with automatic image enhancement.

This produces a significantly higher output signal and much lower noise floor, together with a superb quantum efficiency of 90%, in the vitally important blue/green area of the spectrum, thus making this camera ideally suited for underwater use.

As the Explorer EXTREME has no intensifier or fragile and sensitive tube, the life of the camera is dramatically improved, reducing the through life cost of ownership, compared to the now obsolete

SIT and other intensified CCD low-light cameras. Not only do you get better light sensitivity, but virtually nil maintenance costs.

The Explorer EXTREME camera is an ideal choice for ROV navigation, submarine applications, such as upward viewing and general monitoring and for marine scientific research. Its low magnetic signature also makes this an ideal camera for use in underwater mine countermeasures. The camera has almost no image lag, and generally fitted with a wide angle 107° diagonal, high speed lens and fully water corrected viewing port to drastically reduce distortion. The 576 TVL high resolution output, is suitable for recording direct to the latest high-quality digital recorders.


  • High Resolution Monochrome 576TVL
  • Ultra Low Light Sensitivity 1 x 10-5 Lux (faceplate)
  • Solid State Better than SIT Performance
  • Low through Life Costs
  • No Sensor Burn or Image Smear