Dynamic Positioning Transponder

The Types 8124, 8126 and 8129 DPT’s are full sized transponders designed specifically for seabed deployment or large target tracking. Available in 3,000 metre rated omni-directional or directional transducers, DPTs are equipped with a simple On/Off switch, rugged spring assisted release mechanism, depth sensors and advanced power and gain controls if required. For deep-water towfish tracking, the Type 8129 DPT has a high power super directional transducer and is depth rated to 7,000 metres.

DPTs support Sonardyne Wideband signals, tone frequencies and all HPR 300/HiPAP® channels. DPT also supports Sonardyne command and control options. Also available is the Type 8132 DPTi which is fitted with internal inclinometers to accurately monitor riser angles.

Technical Specifications :-

Feature Type 8124 Type 8126 Type 8129
Depth Rating 3,000 Metres 3,000 Metres 7,000 Metres
Operating Frequency MF (18–36kHz) MF (18–36kHz) MF (18–36kHz)
Transducer Beamshape Omni-Directional (±120°) Directional (±35°) Directional (±20°)
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1µPa @ 1m) 184-193dB (3 Levels) 194-204dB (3 Levels) 195-207dB (3 Levels)
Receive Sensivity (dB re 1µPa) 90-125dB (4 Levels) 85-130dB (4 Levels) 80-120dB (4 Levels)
Relative Positioning Accuracy* ±5cm ±5cm ±5cm
Number of Unique Addresses (Wideband) 224 224 224
Number of Unique Addresses (Tone) All Sonardyne/Simrad All Sonardyne/Simrad All Sonardyne/Simrad
Battery Life (Listening, Disabled) 833 days (Alkaline)
1390 days (Lithium
833 days (Alkaline)
1390 days (Lithium
417 days (Lithium)
Dimensions (LxDia) 1035mm x 135mm 1046mm x 135mm tba x 135mm
Weight In Air 23.2kg 22.8kg tba
Weight in Water 11.4kg 11.6kg tba
Temperature (±0.1°C) Standard Standard Standard
Tilt Switch (±30-45°) Standard Standard Standard
Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor (±0.1%) Standard Standard Standard
Release Mechanism Standard Standard Standard
Safe Working Load (4:1) 250kg 250kg -
*(Using Wideband acoustics. Depends on knowledge of sound speed).


  • 3,000 or 7,000 metre depth rating
  • Omni, Directional or Super Directional transducers
  • Incorporates Sonardyne’s latest Wideband Technology
  • Multiple operating modes; tone burst and wideband
  • Hundreds of operating channels allowing truly independent acoustic operations
  • Highly reliable release mechanism
  • Standard Sensors – depth & temperature
  • Easy to set-up and test using PC software, PTT or DTU
  • Responder Operation
  • Accepts external DC power
  • Long battery life
  • External On/Off switch