aviator series

Secure Data Communication

The AVIATOR S Series represents a real break-through in communications, designed to meet the increasing requirement for data communication between an airline and its fleet of aircraft for the purpose of Air Traffic Control (ATC), Aircraft Operation Control (AOC) and Passenger Information and Entertainment Services (PIES).

AVIATOR S offers the simultaneous transmission of safety and non-safety services over the same SwiftBroadband channel. The system’s Compact Satellite Data Unit (CSDU) is designed with complete segregation between the cockpit and cabin domains ensuring that the cockpit to ATC network is secure while also enabling crew and passengers to make calls, send emails and use the Internet.

Smaller and lighter

The AVIATOR S is small, yet powerful, and consequently more cost effective. With easy and flexible installation options, it delivers improved space and weight savings, meeting the demands of air transport aircraft operators.
The reduced weight and compact design makes the AVIATOR S a powerful communications tool that provides ACARS and IP data pipes allowing network integration with a portfolio of data hosting and transmitting components on the aircraft such as the cockpit, EFB devices, onboard maintenance computers and devices used by the crew to service passengers.

Revolutionary HELGA Antenna

One of the fundamental components of the AVIATOR S Series is the innovative HELGA antenna. This revolutionary design concept reduces the number of Line Replacement Units (LRU) from three in a current single-channel SwiftBroadband system to two.
The RF power amplifier and diplexer and the enhanced low-gain antenna are seamlessly integrated into a single compact unit, with excellent low angle performance due to its unique multi-element phased array architecture.