The AVIATOR 700D is a feature rich SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero Service solution that can be tailored to suit any airframe, mission profile and budget, making it the ultimate communications solution for the cabin and the cockpit.

Wireless Connectivity

Featuring built-in wireless capability, the AVIATOR 700D becomes the aircraft’s very own Wi-Fi™ hotspot in the sky, supporting in-flight use of smart phones, personal tablets and laptops.

Staying connected is more flexible and easier than ever. Critical data for crew while passengers can enjoy video conferencing and seamless VPN access – all over Wi-Fi™.

Enhanced cockpit capability

A compact design combining with High Gain Antenna (HGA) offers a multitude of capabilities to pilot and crew including voice dialling from the cockpit MCDUs and Level D software and hardware making the system compliant to support FANS 1/A (Future Air Navigation System), CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) and voice safety service operations via the system’s cockpit data and H+ voice channels. Better communication reduces pilot workload and because pilots are able to receive and transmit critical safety, navigational and performance data, the AVIATOR 700D enhances flight efficiency and safety.

Multiple channels

With access to 6 separate channels for voice and data service, AVIATOR 700D provides the maximum flexibility and capability for simultaneous high quality voice calling and fast and secure data transfer, the AVIATOR 700D is ideal for business, government, military and air transport aircraft. Make calls, send email, browse the internet and stream video with multiple users simultaneously; AVIATOR 700D can support crew and passenger communication needs all at the same time.

Complete Solution

From advanced data streaming with Inmarsat X-Stream, to pilot, crew and passenger communication, AVIATOR 700D is a compact, fast, high capacity and easy-to-install solution. Proven capability for countless applications from secure voice and data communications, to true office-in-the-sky for business aircraft worldwide; the sky’s the limit with Thrane & Thrane’s flagship SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero services solution