Aviator 300

The AVIATOR 300 with Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) offers a compact and lightweight SwiftBroadband solution, suitable for a multitude of aircraft within business, military and government sectors.

Wide range of aircraft

Small in size but not performance, the AVIATOR 300 is half the size and weight of traditional communications systems, offering broader coverage and higher data speeds. Fast and reliable connectivity supports an extensive range of applications including calling, emailing, browsing, and video streaming to the office or control station on the ground.

Wireless Connectivity

Staying connected is easier than ever. Built-in wireless provides an in-flight Wi-Fi™ hotspot in the sky, supporting smart phones, tablets and laptops. Users can connect their own devices to the wireless network so even at 37,000 ft. customers, colleagues, family and friends are only a call or an email away.

Real-time video streaming

Fully harnessing the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service the AVIATOR 300 enables fast and efficient transfer of files and offers video streaming capability in real-time. With its compact size and streaming video capability, AVIATOR 300 makes an excellent choice for a BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) data link solution for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Proven capability

The AVIATOR 300 offers proven performance in a variety of environments, including business, military, government and air transport operations.From bush fire fighting to business jet charters to unmanned aircraft, the AVIATOR 300 is a reliable and versatile communication solution.