250hp Hydraulic

Application: Provides pressurized fluid for hydraulic equipment. Compatible with 15 mT
ROV winch and 15 mT Launch and Recovery System


· 2 x 125 hp electric motor pumpsets
· ROPS Crash frame designed, manufactured and tested for DnV ‘1994
Lifting Appliances’, design temperature of -20C°
· 2 complete pumpsets for redundancy in the unlikely event of a single pump
or motor failure
· Self contained starter unit in NEMA 4x Stainless steel enclosure
· Closed loop pump for winch motor coupled to piggyback load sense pumps
for operation of A-frame and other auxiliary equipment
· Equipped with pressure, tank and drain filtration system Includes 2 x
immersion heaters, temperature level switch, high pressure ball valves and
clean-out cover
· c/w operators control platform equipped with controls for operation of
winch and A-frame


Performance (closed loop) 110 gpm @ 3,700 psi
Performance (open loop) 64 gpm @ 3,200 psi
Power 440VAC/3PH/60Hz
Overall Dimensions/ Weight 116”L x 71”W x 139”H, 15,000 lbss